80% Protein Powder 450g

80% Hemp Protein Powder

Optimize performance and post workout recovery!
Our 80% hemp protein powder is the perfect treat for:
– Pre or post workouts
– Athletes
– Meal replacements on a busy work day.
Reach new limits and enjoy doing it with the help of protein, magnesium, your friendly omega’s and some good old calcium.
Combined, these vitamins and minerals will aid in building and repairing tissue, help maintain proper nerve & muscle function, lower bad cholesterol, fight inflammation and support a healthy heart!
Our protein powder has a light nutty taste and is a great addition to any smoothie or substitution for flour in breads, brownies and more!


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Everyone young or old needs protein daily in their diet. Protein is essential for almost every vital bodily function, from building and restoring tissues to creating enzymes and hormones. It is also an important building block for bones, cartilage, skin and hair. Protein also plays an enormous role in weight loss and management. By kick starting your metabolism, it will keep you in a fat burning state for a longer period of time. It is recommended that those who wish to lose weight and tone up should be eating roughly between 0.8-1.0g of protein per kilo of body weight daily. Sounds like a lot doesn’t it? Not if you know what to eat.

Mama’s Hemp 80% protein powder is a perfect post workout meal. Ample amounts of protein in just one spoonful will help build your muscles, while magnesium will aid in muscle recovery and calcium absorption. Being able to absorb calcium efficiently then leads to strong bones, nerves and a healthy heart. An added bonus in this protein powder is the omega fatty acids. These little suckers will fight inflammation, lower bad cholesterol and blood pressure. Overall these nutrients will work simultaneously together to create a constant flow of goodness all over your body.

Try to always get your protein organically. Certain foods may contain added hormones and chemicals which can in turn have a negative response in your body.


There are many ways to enjoy this delicious protein packed plant, it has a nutty earthy taste and is fantastic to put in your smoothies.
We have tried and tested countless different mixtures and each one is more delicious than the last. For those who like to meal prep, try doubling or tripling up your recipe and freezing the leftovers in mason jars. Pull one out and into the fridge the night before for a quick easy breakfast.

Hemp protein powder can also be added to muffins, cakes, granola bars, banana breads, hot cereals and pancakes. It can be a partial flour substitute adding extra protein to all your baked goods.