50% Protein Powder 450g

50% Hemp Protein Powder

Boost your overall health with this fully loaded Hemp protein powder. Grown in prestigious climates of Canada, our 50% protein powder comes to you with love. Bursting with all your vitamins and minerals you need throughout the day, it will keep you feeling fuller for longer, aid in muscle building & repair and weight management. It also provides your colon a cleaning service and helps improve your overall health.
Our 50% hemp protein powder has a mild nutty taste and is easily digestible.




Hemp protein powder is a delicious, easy way to ensure you are getting sufficient amounts of vitamins in your diet. A number of individuals take multiple supplements to get their daily dose of nutrients when in fact switching to an organic plant based food can be a lot more beneficial. Why?
It is important to know that the food you eat not only influences the quantity of vitamins and minerals you consume, but how well it is absorbed by your body. Taking supplements for certain nutrients you lack is good, however you may not know how much of those nutrients rely on each other to be more effective. For example you may be iron deficient so you try to eat a lot of foods with iron or your doctor may have informed you of taking tablets. However you may still feel fatigued and weak. Try eating calcium with your iron rich meals. Consuming adequate amounts of calcium has been shown to enhance iron absorption. It captures non-heme iron and stores it in a way that is more easily absorbed by the body. To go even further, magnesium plays an important role in calcium and vitamin d absorption while adequate amounts of protein increase zinc intake. Want to know which protein powder has all of the above? Oh yeah.. Hemp coming in for the win. Combined these vitamins work in conjunction with each other to keep your body running at its absolute finest. Each one with an important role for optimum health.

Another important fact about Hemp protein powder is that it is hypoallergenic and is suitable for those who are unable to tolerate dairy, soy, lactose and nuts. So far there is no known allergies linked to hemp protein. Yay!
Lastly, our Hemp Protein Powder is grown organically sans GMO. 10 points for you hemp!


An easy way with endless possibilities to eat your protein powder is in a smoothie. We have tried and tested countless different mixtures and each one is more delicious than the last. For those who like to meal prep, try doubling or tripling up your recipe and freezing the leftovers in mason jars. Pull one out and into the fridge the night before for a quick easy breakfast.

You can also make some kick ass vegan or non vegan brownies. Personal favorites are our black bean brownies! They make a perfect warm snack or try cutting them up over a bowl of coconut ice cream. D-lish.

Hemp protein powder can also be added to muffins, cakes, granola bars, banana breads, hot cereals and pancakes. It can be a partial flour substitute adding protein, healthy fats and fibre to all your baked goods.

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Weight450 kg
Dimensions10 × 7 × 25 cm